CustomCigar.com was developed to bring customized cigars and personalized cigars to life.  Our initial goal was to have a state of the art user interface allowing brides, grooms, expectant mothers and proud fathers and business people from bread makers to bankers to personalize cigars and cigar bands with designs that are easy to modify and exciting to the eye.  But we didn’t stop there.  We sought out some of the best cigars available to make the offering not only stylish, but, cigars that are phenomenal to smoke.  Cigars that have been rated as high as 95.  Cigars that would be enjoyed by beginning cigar smokers and aficionados alike.  Finally, we wanted a presentation of the product that was second to none.  A presentation that would not just be personalized cigar bands or personalized cigars, but a celebration to the moment people were going to display this piece of art.

We want to bring friends together, whether it is a wedding, bachelor party, golf event, birth, or just sitting on the patio catching up.  Life is about perspective.  We have tried to create some perspective on our cigar bands and personalized cigars so everyone can enjoy them.

Best wishes,
The Custom Cigar Team

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