Bachelor Parties
No perspective needed

Transform to a realm

of pure pleasure.

You are embarking on an infinite adventure dazzled by adornment and nectar that will, shall we say, have an impact on you. So who is bringing the custom cigars? We will, but not just any cigar, THE CIGAR. The mac daddy of cigars will appear a personalized stogie worthy of the night. An emmence stick that Tony Montana would covet more than money or Michelle Pfeiffer. A piece of art personalized in such a way that like this night, you will not forget it. Don't underestimate this personalized cigar’s power, its draw and the way it makes your posture just a little more upright. This zenith created specifically for the night to remember.

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Make the most enduring all-male ritual a night to remember
Marriage is a commitment to life; cigars are a commitment to a great party
Cigars worthy of Dad’s proclamation
Break free from the limited role the world expects you to play and create your own persona. 
There are a lot of things you can do to stand out.  But how do you excite? 
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