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This is it.  Is there anything that draws you closer?  That can keep you from drawing your hands to your mouth?  An affirmation that the final weeks not only waiting and  anticipating, but longing for it JUST TO END were a passage to a land that brings joy and smiles that can only eminate from the words “Daddy’s Home.”  Like a hard days work, the effort is over and a break allows perspective to settle in.  This is the time to celebrate, to shout to the world “This is my baby.”  We want to be part of that exultation, a participant in the celebration.  As such, we’ll bring the personalized cigars.  Not just any cigars, but custom cigars that will live up to the highs that Mom and Dad are feeling.  Cigars worthy of Dad’s proclamation that his progeny has come.



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Cigars worthy of Dad’s proclamation that his progeny has come.
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