Wedding Perspectives

Refine the Wolf Pack

How do you take control before “his friends” commence the wild rumpus? A tuxedo does not turn the carnivore into a refined gentlemen sipping instead of guzzeling.

But, when the band slows down and distant relatives start to leave, that is when it starts. This is the moment of truth. This is the time when perspective adjudicates your conscious, your relationships, and your past. The transportation back to the golden paradise of how these relationships were built, and the creation of memories from this affair that will carry you forward.

Our custom cigars are a center, a facilitator to that one thing that ties you all together, time spent laughing, reminessing and sharing things that impact each other. We just want to be a piece that helps bring this boundless interaction of friends together.

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Don't underestimate this personalized cigar’s power, its draw and the way it makes your posture.
One thing ties you all together, time spent laughing and reminessing. 
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